Be my ways

This is the new accessible medium for the best travel experience around the planet. Now you will see everything with your own eyes. Inspire, plan, share and choose the best ways to travel and enjoy the beauty of the world. This is the new way! Join now!



People discover themselves when traveling, they do gain a taste for life and they do rejuvenate - they gain freedom. BeMyWays gives every person a chance to become a partner of the platform, to be a part of it. Get involved with travel – take your part in the economy of the future.


1.5 billion people around the world travel abroad. We’re confident their experiences are useful to others. The time has come to start a public club. Share your findings, impressions, interests, do it your way and it just may become your calling.


Unleash the discoverer's curiosity. Travel every day. Keep track of someone else’s travel as it goes, watch vlogs and travel stories, learn, experience live broadcasts, become a sophisticated traveler!


Have fun planning a trip! Now you don’t need to explore dozens of sites and hundreds of reviews: just see it with your own eyes – we’ve created the largest and the most up to date database of video reviews, recommendations, tips and life hacks.


Watch the most beautiful videos from every corner of the planet. Inspire, dream, come up with ideas for your future trip.

Welcome to the world's first global video sharing platform on the blockchain!

BeMyWays believes in video as the best way to get complete and reliable information. You no longer need to read a bunch of text reviews wondering if you could rely on them. BeMyWays focuses on video content and sets a standard for its quality.

BeMyWays is an approachable platform: You can shoot a video with a smartphone or a camera, set it up to music or just talk. It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional blogger with lots of equipment and experience or a person with a dream and a concept.


Experienced travelers will save your time and money with their secrets, making your trip more comfortable and saving your time for you.


Observe every event on a planet with live broadcasts, feel the roar of crowd, watch them acting, join! You get real experiences and impressions live from your screen.


Extraordinary stories told by extraordinary people from various countries! Get acquainted with all the features of various travel formats, choose yours!


All sorts of reviews: a city, a country, a tourist site, a landmark, some cultural specificities, routes, places of residence and much more. Try the easiest and fastest way to prepare for the trip which is fun and educating!


Announcements, reviews and broadcasts of the most interesting events in the world that may be the purpose of your trip or surprise you as a spectator.


Your video guides to build a travel program anywhere no matter if you\’d stay for a month, a week, a day or for a couple of hours during flight connection.


Spectacular shows happening to real people in real world. Unique game and live shows where you matter and you just need to form an opinion to be involved.


Courageous, courageous travelers filling your space with their Impressive achievements. Follow their progress and follow their endeavors or maybe start your own?


Millions of tips for any occasion from every person you can imagine. A huge library of short videos - this is your clue given just in time.


Discover videos from your favorite bloggers, celebrities, and enjoy the thematic collections of places, companies, colours or even discounts.

Service recommendation space

Recommendation System

Meet our recommendation system: it helps you to choose a travel service or an application for your particular trip. BeMyWays combines hundreds of services starting from giants as to highly specialized rarities. You’ll find an ideal service provider that suits your specific preferences: say there is a local equivalent of Uber or AirBnB that’s cheaper or has more options. And the core data that fills our system is your reference: it is moderated by user ratings. This mechanism sustains fair competition and as the time goes improves the quality of services and user experience.

Where to stay?

Choose from variety of accommodation options.

How to get there?

Find discounts and promotions for tickets, save your money!

What's interesting?

Discover the best experience generating services!

BeMyWays will get you an ultimate useful app or a couple.

Travel Club

Travel Club is a public sharing economy based community - a new generation of social network. The core idea behind it is a service, built by people for people and controlled by people. Our ever-growing community will be the main driver of the development of the service at the same time being the main beneficiary of service’s success.

This is a big challenge in building new business models, balancing which requires outstanding efforts in the field of sociology, mathematics, economics and law.

Multi-Level Award System

Shoot short videos on your smartphone

Download an app turn your smartphone into a professional tool. Take a short video. Upload it with one touch.

Create stories, reviews, routes

Film your stories, reviews, memorize routes. The platform will teach you to make beautiful or handy videos, and will offer a couple of ways to promote and then monetize them.

Look, comment, share travel hacks

View, comment, share travel hacks. Earn rewards for every action: there are at least 10 ways to contribute without leaving comfort of your home.

Attract friends, become a travel guru

Find new friends and followers, become a travel guru. Dive into the world of travel! Travel your way and make others find their way! Travel could even become your main source of income.

Any contribution is rewarded by the community. Exchange rewards you’ve got for tickets, bookings, services or money. Become a partner and own part of a large platform.

Our Goal

We are creating a global innovative product, the largest themed media and social network. This is an ambitious goal, but imagine the result - in several years it may just become the most visited platform in the world with over 1 billion users.



The main platform of the service, which will be supplemented by a number of options that encourage subscriptions to vlogs and daily consumption of content.


A tool for travelling part of community to prepare their trip. It’s consists of well-structured accessible video content and conveniently structured e-commerce service.

Smart TV

The large screen is the center of attraction for the whole family and the opportunity to enjoy Full HD content together. We got our inspiration from the best Connected TV platforms like Apple TV, Amazon, Android TV, Samsung, LG, Sony, etc.


Nowadays we see projectors becoming a means of interactive learning for children. We intend to make an educational version of the product and tailor it for use in schools around the world.


Voice assistants and smart speakers that are already woven in our everyday life are in need of high-quality voice content. BeMyWays would be the main source of travel content for these devises.


Smart watches as a platform have an undeniable advantage of immediate user access, which is crucial for travelling, but this comes with a requirement applications adaptation. Being familiar with the adaptation process we’re willing to use all the advantages of watches!

Hotel TV

Recently, most hotel TV’s have adopted a Smart TV system. It’s meeting point for a traveler and the content. This is an important platform where we can implement a number of extremely useful interactive features.


The number of screens people meet with in transport is growing at an enormous speed. We’re not going to stand aside and will actively cooperate with partners in this field.


Self-driving cars as a concept is gaining active popularity lately. Clearly content consumption will be one of the most popular occupations during a trip in such car. Access to Travel content in this case will be especially relevant.


The possibility of virtual travel or interactive features in real world traveling are the unique advantages of these technologies. In our view those technologies will progress towards cooperation with thematic content providers.

A Distributed Ledger Platform

BEMYWAYS is a whole range of innovative platforms of the new generation. They are built using technologies that help meet the needs of users that it was impossible to imagine several years ago. We sincerely hope that we will be one of the few projects in the world that demonstrate the real efficiency of using blockchain technology in mass services. We have thoroughly thought out and developed a multifactorial concept of fair tokenomics of the project, and our technological solutions in this area meet the most modern requirements for the speed and cost of transaction processing, stability and reliability of the entire system. At the same time, BeMyWays has implemented a new, fresh approach to the product itself, its creation, support and operation. We also took into account the current principles of the economics of shared consumption, which will make our project global and continuously growing.


Light up millions of people with the idea of regular travel and exploration of the world. Raise a global self-developing creatively involved community.
Make travel economically and conceptually more accessible for those who can’t afford to travel more often or to travel at all.
To increase the tourist flow for the UNESCO world heritage sites and to stimulate their restoration, maintenance and preservation.

Our great inspirers

Ferdinand Magellan

He made the world's first round-the-world trip in 1519.


The great ancient traveler is the father of geography. 1st century BC.

James Cook

Great explorer, cartographer and discoverer. 18th century ad.

Vasco da Gama

A Portuguese Navigator, the first to sail from Europe to India in the 15th century.

Rabindranath Tagore

Great Indian poet, sage, figure, traveler, Nobel prize winner.

Ibn Battuta

Еraveled the world from Bulgar to Mombasa, from Timbuktu to China.

Christopher Columbus

First one to cross the Atlantic Ocean. Discovered South and Central America.

Charles Darwin

Traveled the world for 5 years studying the flora and fauna. As a result, created the theory of evolution.

David Livingstone

Explored Central Africa, discovered the Victoria Falls.

Roald Amundsen

The first person to reach the South Pole and the first to conquer both poles.

Jeanne Barret

The first woman who made a trip around the world.

Ivan Kruzenshtern

Together with Yuri Lisyansky, made the first Russian round-the-world expedition.

Nikolay Miklukho-Maclay

An ethnographer who studied the indigenous population of Southeast Asia, Australia and Oceania.

Jacques-Yves Cousteau

Researcher of the World Ocean. Created the first apparatus for immersion "Deniz".

Fedor Konyukhov

Made 5 voyages around the world, crossed the Atlantic 17 times.

Jason Lewis

A Traveller who went around the planet, without using mechanical means of transportation.

Bear Grylls

A survival traveler and a cool guy.

Yuri Gagarin

The first person in history who flew into space.

Francis Drake

Pirate, the first Englishman to sail around the world.

Zhang Qian

Made a trip to from China to Central Asia. Discovered the Great Silk Road.

Xu XiaKe

Author of "The Travel Notes". Studied the mountain and river systems of China.

Rudyard Kipling

While traveling, published his travel notes and made the whole world fall in love with India and Asia.

Naomi Uemura

The lone traveler, who conquered North Pole and 5 of the 7 worlds highest peaks.